GELD.GR – 2nd Korsakow-Show in Greece

Sigrid Skarpelis-Sperk, Nikos Marantidis and the audience will discuss excerpts of the Korsakow-Film „GELD.GR – Money and the Greeks“. In cooperation with TV100 and the Filmfestival Thessaloniki Participatory Live Talk-Show Wednesday, 27th, March 2013, 20.00 hrs Kino Olympion Aristotelous Platz 10, 54623 Thessaloniki German + Greek More info { Greek | German }

Korsakow-Show – article in Ta Nea

An article describing the first Korsakow-Show in Athens in 2012 was published in Greek newspaper ‚Ta Nea‘. The Goethe Institute republished the article and made it available online in Greek and in German.